Monday, October 27, 2014

Brain Drain

Yeah, I took the photograph and then altered it using my legally obtained copy of digital art software. Yeah, you can download it to your computer and use it at will on the interwebz. No, link back is not required.
And if you are a copyright monopolist, you ought to go away now.

     Yesterday, I had an achy head. Not exactly a headache-- ever since the blocks put into my skull, I rarely get full-blown headaches or migraines-- but something that hurt. Sometimes I will take an over the counter medicine for this and sometimes I won't.

     Challenge and rest are both important when dealing with the damaged brain. I have to challenge myself enough so that the brain can improve. I also have to rest enough so that the brain can improve. Managing a balance between rest and action is tricky.

     I felt it yesterday. The physical achy in the brain coupled with the idea that I was experiencing the beginnings of "information overload." Crap. I was busy and I did not want to slow down.

     I had to slow down. I had to drag myself from my reading (the cause of the info overload) and force myself to do something else less taxing. I had to take a rest.

     Often it is a physical rest that I require. Once in awhile, it is more that I need a change of scene coupled with a change to a less challenging activity. Yesterday, I needed the latter. I went out with my housemate for a bit. I felt better.

     The rest of the day, I monitored myself. I usually nap in the afternoon for an hour. Yesterday was no exception. The achy head stayed gone. I was happy about that.

         ~ sapphoq healing brain damage, but not completely ~

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another Probably Therapeutic Effect of Marijuana

     I myself cannot partake of marijuana safely. In fact, marijuana was a factor in the motor vehicle accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury. [The other driver claimed he had smoked "just one for the first time ever."] Even so, I think marijuana should be legalized.

     Of particular interest to me are the stories appearing about the protective effects of marijuana in regard to brain injuries. An article from Fox News admits that reefer may actually protect neurons.  Although the study was not able to distinguish between those who use pot once in awhile from those who use more often, the conclusion was that marijuana ought to be investigated more thoroughly, especially in light of medical uses. I will be following this closely for follow up studies to see if they can replicate the lower death rates from traumatic brain injuries found in the one study.

Other articles referring to the same study:

Friday, October 10, 2014

And the Plural of "Spider" is

     Learning how to make tags and e-stationary progressed into using my pictures as backgrounds. Colors and textures make me happy. In that spirit of happiness, I present you with some atheist quotes and other stuff that you can use if you want to:

And here are some phrases that are not related to atheism for your use if you want them. Because [it seems to me] that a high percentage of folks recovering from traumatic brain injuries that I've met [unlike me] are not atheists, I thought it is only fair to include regular stuff too. Because the words and phrases were short, they look okay with different stuff applied to them. Shiny! 

     So, more free tags for your use. The atheism quotes were pulled off the web. I took the photographs with my cheap digital camera and altered them using my legally obtained copy of software. Enjoy.

     As usual, save to a space on your hard disc where you can find them again. No hot-linking.

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