Monday, November 24, 2014

It's Official !

     I did it! 

     Last week, I published two e-books. 

     A friend and I wrote Up the Rebels! together. It is a fun story about a fellow named Jesus born in Newark, New Jersey, Ed SnowD -- I mean Dree RainCave-- hiding in plain sight, the people who are helping him hide, a few mental patients escaping from their oppressive outpatient day program, a fourteen year old who is rescued by some homeless people, and more. Featuring several cats in its pages, Up the Rebels makes for a good read on a rainy day afternoon. You can find it at:

      The cover features a picture of a funky bus that I took on a visit to San Francisco:


     My second book I wrote without a co-author. It demonstrates how an atheist can work the twelve steps and remain clean without any higher powers. I had to re-write the steps in order to do so. Recently I celebrated thirty-four years of continuous clean time. If you are in recovery, you may want to take a look at Another Atheist in Recovery at:

     The cover is of a trail that my dog and I enjoy walking:

sapphoq healing brain damage says: In my determination not to allow my disability to beat me, I decided that if I want something different, then I have to do something different. It took over ten hours for me to learn how to format my e-books. And countless more hours to write and re-write them. Risk-taking is risky. Endeavoring to achieve a dream took hard work. I had to battle my severe fatigue while doing it. I did it. And I am still writing. 
     Remember: It takes courage to dream new dreams. And yes, I believe in you.

I can be found at Twitter(tm):

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Congrats to Amy Morosini

     A woman named Amy Morosini from Moraga in California came in third place in an Ironman 70.3 triathlon over in Augusta, Georgia in the female physically challenged division. I believe the triathlon involved swimming, biking, and running. 

     Amy is one of us. She sustained a severe T.B.I. back in 1977. The professionals involved in her rehabilitation were not sure if she'd ever walk again by herself. Amy did. She currently serves as a volunteer fitness instructor at a V.A.

     Kudos to Amy Morosini for being a true winner!