Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Donut Hole Experience

     Yes, I am angry. This "donut hole" crap needs to be dumped. Give us regular insurance with regular coverage at regular prices [just like everybody else; and NO, not ObummerCare]. I'd be happy to pay more for my insurance as long as I get the same coverage for my meds that I got last year before I was forced into Medicare. [Another long story and one you will not be reading about today].

     Where are the old people, senior citizens, and people with disabilities who are "too rich" to "qualify" for Medicaid protesting about this donut hole crap??? We should be revolting en masse. We should not be forced to apply for, I mean beg for, funds from various Big Pharma companies to help us out of the donut hole. We did not work most of our lives for this.

     We are not in the same class of people that like hand-outs. We don't want your stinking hand-outs. We want our medical insurance cards NOT to have the word MEDICARE stamped on them. 

     What you politicians, medical insurance companies, Medicare, and Big Pharma are doing to us is not acceptable.

     Business as usual is not okay.

cross-posted from radicalsapphoq:
If you have a traumatic brain injury [and/or other disabilities], be prepared to be royally screwed by your medical insurance. Particularly if you are on Medicare but not yet sixty-two and therefore not qualified to apply for your state pharmacy discount program. And particularly if you are married, have some money in savings for emergencies, and have worked most of your life. More so if you are taking psych drugs and asthma drugs.

The donut hole is coming for YOU.

In May or June. Not in October or November.

Having been told that you absolutely do not qualify for the "help" to pay for your meds necessary for your life and well-being, you understand that you are to magically come up with 4500 or 4800 dollars to pay for the meds during your donut hole experience [the amount that you must pay until your "catastrophic" medicine coverage will kick in].

Death panels? You know they are already here. They are called "medical insurance companies" and sometimes "Big Pharma."

You know that they want you to die.