Thursday, December 25, 2008

Falling 12/25/08

Some weeks ago I fell twice in one week.
My feet went out from under me one Saturday afternoon while walking and I fell flat on my back.
That was painful.

That Tuesday evening I took a hot shower in hopes of relieving the soreness in my back from falling a few days before.
I started feeling a bit odd and I noticed my field of vision getting spotty.
I managed to turn off the shower water and got out of the tub using the safety bar.
I went to grab the towel from the towel rack and at that point passed out.
When I came to, my elbow was shielding my head from the floor; I was on my right side; and my arms and legs-- particularly the left leg-- were shaking.

I managed to drag myself to the toilet bowl where I sat until I was able to walk.
Mate was in bed and had missed the whole thing.
We do keep a phone immediately outside the bathroom door for emergency purposes but all I could think about was the bright lights in the emergency room and not wanting to subject myself to all of that. So I didn't go.

The next day I was informed by the primary care doc that I have shower syncope. Basically that means I can faint in or around hot showers. Whatever.

A couple weeks later and I am still sore and having some rather painful right-sided back spasms. As long as I don't get up, shift positions, shit, or breathe I am okay. Back to the primary care doc's. I am starting physical therapy next week.

Meanwhile I have my tens unit running during awake hours. That helps the misery somewhat.

sapphoq healing t.b.i.